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Upcoming gigs

I'm currently playing guitar with Dominions of Glue & improv duo Searle & Johnston.You can visit their facebook pages to keep up with upcoming dates.

29.05.22     Stag & Hounds, Bristol (Freetone Collective)

Past shows...

14.12.21     Strange Brew, Bristol (Dominions of Glue)

14.02.20     Rough Trade, Bristol (Damo Suzuki)
24.01.20     The Thunderbolt, Bristol (Brutal Wounds)

31.10.19     The Thunderbolt, Bristol (Brutal Wounds)
06.10.19     The Exchange, Bristol (S & J)
11.09.19     Cafe Kino, Bristol (S & J)
06.07.19     The Dublin Castle, London (Brutal Wounds)
25.05.19     The Thunderbolt, Bristol (Brutal Wounds)
11.05.19     The Bell, Bath (Hexit)
27.04.19     Rough Trade, Bristol (Hexit)
26.04.19     The Thunderbolt, Bristol (Brutal Wounds)
10.04.19     The Thunderbolt, Bristol (Brutal Wounds)

10.12.18     The Louisiana, Bristol
03.12.18     The Fleece, Bristol (Theatre Of Hate Support)
11.11.18     The Exchange, Bristol (Hexit)
02.11.18     The Exchange, Bristol (Damo Suzuki)
07.09.18     The Thunderbolt, Bristol
04.09.18     The Exchange, Bristol (Hexit)
26.07.18     The Old England, Bristol (Hexit)
16.07.18     Mr Wolfs, Bristol
27.06.18     The Thunderbolt, Bristol (Album Launch)
19.05.18     The Thunderbolt, Bristol (Lene Lovich Support)
16.04.18     The Old England, Bristol
14.04.18     Sinhala & Tamil New Year Party, Bristol
13.04.18     The Thunderbolt, Bristol (Kirk Brandon Support)

23.10.17     The Fleece, Bristol (Theatre Of Hate Support)
24.09.17     Chandos Road Festival, Bristol
21.09.17     Bristol Fringe, Bristol
09.09.17     The Thunderbolt, Bristol (Vapors Support)
03.09.17     The Thunderbolt, Bristol (Kirk Brandon Support)
29.07.17     The Old England, Bristol (Hexit)
10.03.17     The Marble Factory, Bristol (Hexit)

06.11.15     The Arnolfini, Bristol
29.10.15     The Fringe, Clifton, Bristol
07.10.15     Bruton Art Factory, Bruton
27.09.15     The Royal Oak, Bath
12.09.15     Scary Canary, Stourbridge
29.08.15     Stroud Fringe, Alternative Stage (Headline), Stroud
26.08.15     The Roaring Donkey, Old Town, Swindon
22.08.15     The Dublin Castle, Camden, London
20.08.15     The Thunderbolt, Bristol
28.06.15     Nepal Fundraiser, Southbank Club, Bristol
06.06.15     The End Is Near, Trowbridge
15.05.15     Blow Up, St Moritz, Soho, London
09.05.15     Proud Camden, London
03.05.15     Raves From The Grave, Frome
01.05.15     Kingsdown Wine Vaults, Bristol
28.03.15     The Louisiana, Bristol (Album Launch)

17.12.14     Spiegeltent, Bristol w/ Marc Collin's Bristol
02.05.14     Kingsdown Wine Vaults, Bristol
26.04.14     Colston Hall (Foyer), Bristol
20.04.14     Stagfest, Bristol
05.04.14     The Greenbank, Bristol
21.03.14     The Arts House, Bristol
16.03.14     The Shakespeare, Bristol
15.02.14     The Orchard, Bristol
06.02.14     The Thunderbolt, Bristol

11.05.13     Riffs Bar, Swindon
06.04.13     The Royal Oak, Bath

23.11.12     The Croft, Bristol
09.11.12     The Thunderbolt, Bristol
28.09.12     Start The Bus, Bristol
05.09.12     The Fleece, Bristol
24.08.12     The Thunderbolt, Bristol
11.08.12     The Rolleston, Swindon
28.07.12     The Hope & Anchor, Islington, London
20.07.12     The Croft, Bristol
06.07.12     The Arc, Islington, London
28.06.12     The Thunderbolt, Bristol
20.05.12     The Fleece, Bristol
19.05.12     The Railway Club, Brighton
16.05.12     The Dublin Castle, Camden, London
12.05.12     The Star Inn, Guildford
04.05.12     The Spice Of Life, Soho, London
11.04.12     The Fleece, Bristol
05.04.12     The Underbelly, Hoxton, London
21.02.12     The Fleece, Bristol
18.02.12     PsychoSocial, Brighton
17.02.12     The White Lion, Streatham, London
15.02.12     The Promised Land, Cardiff
11.02.12     The Thunderbolt, Bristol (Album Launch Party)

10.11.11     Bath Spa Students Unon, Bath
09.11.11     The Thunderbolt, Bristol
03.09.11     The Hood, Kilve

24.08.10     The Pink Flamingo Bar, WOMAD
10.08.10     Hookah Tent, Relentless Nass Festival
26.05.10     The Porter Bar, Bath

"Astonishing live… Never heard or seen an acoustic guitar played better!"

BBC Introducing

"Refreshingly intense, dark and brooding - reminiscent of Bowie’s experimentations with the industrial genre."

Divide & Conquer

"an album that is both futuristic and primal, detached yet tribal, dance-fuelled but swaggers with rock and indie moves, it is progressive yet familiar, focused yet constantly shifting."

Dancing About Architecture

"it's obvious Johnston has drive and vision…if you love classic Cabaret Voltaire, you’re in for a feast!"


"A modern-day successor to Scary Monsters"

The Quietus

"Chaotic glee, sinister whispers & genre-popping rock 'n' roll swirl to head-spinning effect!"


"A sprawling twisted masterpiece!"

Louder Than War

"Both weird and intoxicating, dangerously attractive and unlike anything you have heard before. In the right light it would be easy to convince yourself that this is actually a long lost album from Bowie’s Berlin years and there are not many albums that you can say that about."

The Rock & Roll Report

"Takes the listener on a cinematic journey through twisted soundscapes. alt-indie plains and just about everywhere else."


"A hell of a musician, exalted amongst mere mortals."