Bristol Guitar Teacher


Do you do online lessons?

Yes, I deliver online lessons using the Zoom app. I can use other apps like Skype and FaceTime but I find that Zoom is the most reliable.

Do you teach beginners?

Yes, I teach all levels from beginners to advanced.

What ages do you teach?

I teach all ages from 5 - 75! Sometimes it might have to be older than 5, but it's always worth a try to find out if they are ready!

Where do lessons take place?

Lessons can take place from my home in Clifton or in the comfort of your own home.

Do you teach grades?

Yes, I can take you through the grades using either the Registry Of Guitar Tutors or the Rockschool syllabus. Pupils I have taught have a 100% pass rate at merit & distinction!

How often should I have lessons?

Lessons are usually once a week, but can be fortnightly, or whenever suits, there are no rules!

Is there a cancellation fee?

If you need to cancel, then I need 24 hours notice or you will need to pay for the lesson. This is to give me time to reschedule my timetable with other pupils.

Do I need a guitar?

Yes, you will need a guitar so that you can practice in between lessons. If you don't have one I can recommend on buying one, and can provide one for the lessons until this happens.

Do you do gift vouchers?

Yes, I do gift vouchers, usually in sets of 3, 5, & 10 lessons, which come with a discount.

Do you teach groups?

Yes, I can teach small groups of two or three students.

If you turn up for a scheduled lesson and I am not here. Should I pay you for the lesson?

Yes, as it is a slot that I could have used to teach someone else.