OUT: 25/05/18

Three-Dimensional Living
Jim Johnston



Three-Dimensional Living is panoptic title of Jim Johnston’s third solo album. Claustrophobically addressing intensely relevant topics such as addiction, mental illness, suicide & apathy Three-Dimensional Living was written, performed, produced and mixed exclusively by Jim Johnston in Bristol. It will be released on CD through Rattlewatch Records.

Track Listing

1.Anaesthetic Apathetic (05:20)
2.Been Here Before (04:14)
3.Gamblers (04:32)
4.Chemical Time (04:01)
5.Avon Gorge (05:06)
6.Andrew's Suicide (04:55)
7.Your 100th Rock Bottom (03:28)
8.Foolish Pride (04:14)
9.How Can I impress? (05:55)

"Refreshingly intense, dark and brooding - reminiscent of Bowie’s experimentations with the industrial genre."

- Divide & Conquer

"an album that is both futuristic and primal, detached yet tribal, dance-fuelled but swaggers with rock and indie moves, it is progressive yet familiar, focused yet constantly shifting."

- Dancing About Architecture

"it's obvious Johnston has drive and vision…if you love classic Cabaret Voltaire, you’re in for a feast!"

- Soundblab


OUT: 30/03/15

After All The Wishing…
Jim Johnston



'After All The Wishing…' is the brand new album from Ex-Monk & Canatella front person Jim Johnston. Featuring the single 'Count Your Coppers', It will be released on CD on his own imprint Rattlewatch Records and features members of The The, The Pop Group & Hysterical Injury. The Album was recorded & mixed through 2013 & 2014 with the help of Swindon Producer Stu Rowe (XTC, Colour The Atlas, Future Sound Of London). Jim Johnston will be presenting the album as an exclusive one-man audio-visual theatre spectacle in the Summer & Autumn of 2015.

Track Listing:

01. Barrow (J. Johnston)
02. Buried In The Woods (J. Johnston, D. Moran)
03. Officer Paranoid (J. Johnston)
04. Polluted Neon (J. Johnston, D. Moran)
05. Count Your Coppers (J. Johnston)
06. My Schizoid Fairytale {4:20} (J. Johnston)
07. Tokyo Fix (J. Johnston)
08. Dark Gargle (J. Johnston, D. Moran, Trad.)
09. Naked (J. Johnston)
10. Through You Like A Storm (J. Johnston, D. Moran)
11. Scottie's Sombre Heaven (J. Johnston, D. Moran)
12. Arson Sweethearts (J. Johnston, D. Moran)

“A modern day successor to Scary Monsters.”

- The Quietus

“A sprawling twisted masterpiece!”

- Louder Than War

“Brace yourself for the weird and wonderful!”

- Bristol Live Magazine

“Both weird and intoxicating, dangerously attractive and unlike anything you have heard before.In the right light it would be easy to convince yourself that this is actually a long lost album from Bowie’s Berlin years and there are not many albums that you can say that about.”

- The Rock & Roll Report

Also available from select independent record stores.


OUT: 06/02/12

Voyage Of Oblivion
Jim Johnston



Bristol-based songwriter and guitarist Jim Johnston’s debut solo album,'Voyage of Oblivion' is a thirteen song collection of darkly mysterious, all-encompassing guitar-driven tracks recorded live in a day - with additional overdubs over four days. The singer-guitarist’s impressive premiere is an Indie rock epic, entwined with tales of love, darkness and resurrection. “Voyage of Oblivion” sounds immediately modern, yet encapsulates vintage, classic rock & Indie sounds of the 60's, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The album features all-powerful musicianship from Martin Dupras on bass guitar, Chris Thomas on drums, and Owain Coleman on keyboards, with guitars and vocals provided by Johnston. Several songs also feature guest vocals from Australian folk troubadour Emily Barker from Emily Barker and the Red Clay Halo.

Track Listing:

01. Prelude (1:47)
02. Misunderstood (3:42)
03. Tin Gods (4:23)
04. Just To (3:33)
05. Halloween (4:30)
06. The Last Pilgrim (3:24)
07. Children Of Chaos (5:52)
08. Irish Man Falling (3:55)
09. I Think I Like You (4:39)
10. Shaken By The Dawn (4:22)
11. Your Burial (4:40)
12. Perfect (6:04)
13. Hitcher (5:31)